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ˈaksəl /noun / botany
Definition: The upper angle between a leaf stalk or branch and the stem or trunk from which it is growing.

Axil Swim is made by two women who did just that, connected and grew from the ground up. Created and made in Los Angeles by Ana Ochoa and Alexandra Outerbridge their paths have always been as intertwined and in unison as the axil of growing tree, branch, leaf...actually a palm tree to be exact (hey...the love for palm trees is real!). Meeting as freshmen at the University of Miami and later graduating and both ending up settling in sunny Los Angeles they grew into creative careers (Ana a photographer and Alexandra a jewelry designer) there was constant creative discussion to make something using both their creative forces that made sense. Ana being from Venezuela, Alexandra from Bermuda, meeting in Miami and now living in Los clicked. Their history had proven them as obvious sun chasers, swimwear it was! 

Axil swim is created by women, for ALL women. We pride ourselves on the handmade quality of each piece with carefully selected material that is comfortable, wearable and durable. Whether you're a 'I just wanna suntan poolside' gal to a 'I just wanna go cliff diving and scuba dive' bad ass, our swimsuits are made with care, quality, love and intention, for you. 

xo- Axil Swim  


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